External Layout not loading everything? (SOLVED)

Hello all.
My game has an inventory which I would like to make global, so I made it inside of an external layout. However, when the game boots up and the scene loads, only some of the objects from the inventory layout are visible rather than all of them. Things like the slots, and texts I put in are not in the scene when it loads. Is this a bug?

Note: I put all of my inventory pieces in the same layer and group.

For now, the current inventory is a layer in my scene, but I would like to make it an external layout so that I don’t have to rebuild it on EVERY single scene, and to optimize the code a bit.

Can someone please help? I screenshots are needed, I’ll gladly provide them. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, the objects on the layout need to be added to every scene that you’re using them in. You don’t have to actually put any instances on the scene since you’ll be ‘creating from layout’, but they need to be present in the object list. Just copy and paste the missing ones from your associated scene’s object list into the others.

I guess it’s sort of like file or image paths where they have to be on a server in order to display in the browser even if they aren’t on the same server…if that makes sense.

Thanks for the reply. However, I was already ‘creating from layout’ as well as doing all the other things.

Strangely though, I tried this again just a minute ago, and it seems to work now… Thanks for helping though, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

No problem.

Even if you do the create from layout action, the objects still always need to be in the list anyway.

Glad it’s working now! :+1: