Extra Lives For Watching Ads

Hello, thank you in advance for any help/replies. I have been learning my way around Gdevelop for around a week. I have managed to create an endless plat former with all my own artwork however I cannot seem to figure out how to create custom events/variables for my ads. I have my good ad ID which is entered into the properties but now I need to add Lives to the game, and when a player loses there initial 5 lives they are able to watch an Ad to receive a further 5 lives.

Is there anyone willing to help with this? I have looked around for info for days and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, I even tried to contact people who develop on Gdev on Fiverr but they want upwards of $2000 to help me!

Kindest regards, Daniel.

:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
We’re all here to help, but you need to ask specific questions.
So think about what you try to achieve, break it down in as many logical steps as necessary, then insert those steps in GDevelop… and come back for help if/when you get stuck.

Have you tried it with a variable for the number of lives?