Face visibility should actually not render the faces

In the 3D boxes if u set the face visibility to hidden for a face it stills renders it its just invisible and that leads to very bad performance

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It does actually turn invisible but for the developer,s Guidance its just turns like that so that the developer knows and also if the developer turns all sides invisible accidentally then it would be a problem as it would be hard to find the 3d box

Its invisible no matter what. if u hide all sides its just like using the hide trigger THAT ACTUALLY STOPS IT FROM RENDERINGGG the thing is when 1 side gets hidden the renderer still calls the renderer and renders 2 invisible triangles, its super bad for performance

ik that it turns invisible but from a developers perspective it technically isnt since its still is being called,

it would not be a problem too since hiding all faces would just be like having a blank 2D sprite and u can change it from the instance manager thing

also if you hide all sides its still invisible its just still getting called to the renderer so it says 6 invisible sqaures should be drawn when they really shouldnt

Hello, thank you for your messages.
Quick check from the engineers on the team: Yes, indeed it would be a good feature.
However the technical effort to make it so requires a good amount of time. Please keep in mind that the team is not rejecting the feature; we’re just giving feedback regarding the amount of effort it requires. :slight_smile:

We’ll keep an eye on the topic.