Facebook Playable Ads

I have a game, that made with gdevelop. And I want to make a playable ad for facebook. But i cant doing this because when i try make a ad on facebook ad manager, i see just a black screen instead of my game in demo scene after upload the html file.
I did everythings about it. All js files are in main html file like all sound and image files, in addition file size is just 1.5Mb. And it is working fine when i try in anyone browser. But even so it is not working for facebook ads.
Does someone have any idea about this? How can do i it?
Thanks in advance.

i’ve similar issue random on android. When do you load the ad? I think loading on At the beginning of scene has this problem

Yes, it is probable. That is can be about loading scene. But how can we fix it?
İn addition maybe it can about canvas rendering too.

try launching a timer at start of scene and when it is 5 seconds for example load the add

I think it is a misunderstanding. I don’t want to add a ad in a game. I want to create a playable ad.
I did a html game with gdevelop but it is not working for facebook ad services like i said

You talk about this ?
This is not implemented in GD, i invite you to read the official documentation about it on Facebook.

You need to know too every Ads from facebook work only on Facebook, if you try to start your game in local or preview, none of ads will be displayed. :slight_smile: