Fake 3D terrain in 2D games

Hi guys.
I’m just a beginner game developer, who is looking for a solution how the “old time” gamemakers created a fake 3D terrain in 2D isometric games like:

Anyone knows a good source of knowledge, where can I find more information about this subject?
Do you think GDevelop can handle it???

Sim City 4 and The Sims 1 aren’t fake 3D.

They are using full polygons for their terrain. You will not be able to accomplish this in GDevelop.

The rest of the games in your examples are pre-rendered images, and in most case are set up with an isometric view. You will be able to do this in GDevelop.

I was sure The Sims and Sim City 4 is fake 3D…
But Sim City 2 and 3000, The Settler 1-4, Cultures Series and Knights and Merchants are 2D. There are no pre-rendered because the terrain is changeable.
I’m looking for similar terrain mechanics, any idea how to achieve that?