Falling objects not spawning

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As shown below, if the score is 10 or more, it enters “fever time” mode and only coins fall for 10 seconds.

  • Background image conversion for fever time
  • Stopped spawning candy and skulls
  • During fever time, only one coin is generated every 0.1 seconds.

However, coins are not being created. What is the reason?

The condition “timer Coin>0.1 secs” cannot be a sub-event. Drag it to the left.
Or maybe your global variable is not working.
And you need to pause your timer Coin after Wait 10 seconds, or coins will keep being created.

The trigger once applies to the sub events too, so the coin only spawns once.

I would add a variable FeverTimeIO (default value 0) and set an action for when score>10 it woyld set FeverTimeIO = 1

Then below that add a condition if FeverTimeIO = 1 and as subevents to that put the two you have there.

In the last one ass an action to set FeverTimeIO = 0. That it also stops the Coin timer, which in your example would keep running.

Hope it helped

I made the following corrections, but coins are still not generated. Why?

It might be your second event.
“The number of scene variable feverTime = 1”
As long as that’s true, it will keep resetting the timer “Coin” over and over again so the timer never reaches 0.1 second.
Maybe put “trigger once” with that event.

Also I’m not sure how that fourth event would affect the other events since it’s constant but there’s a wait time.

That’s not actually what I said… Here I tested it just now…

And here is the build to test it yourself…

Hello. I saw the article today. I am so thankful that the game logic turned out perfectly as I wanted.