Falling objects not working please help

Hi there! I am busy making a game for a project and needs to be done soon so i beg for your help. I am still new to Gdevelop as this would be the second game i’ll be making. I have looked through all previous forms and tested every single one but to no avail.

Here’s a picture of all the tests i’ve done trying different ways of falling. The main one working is the “Falling objects” but it only falls once and nothing else just one fall thats it. The second “test” floods my screen with 1000 sprites and the third “test 3” only falls once and shakes violently (Keep in mind some of these i just tried copying from previous forms)

I tried several ways for it to maybe loop and let it fall more than once and randomly but i’m so clueless.

If anyone knows please let me know!!

I’m not real sure what we are trying to accomplish, but if you add the Physics Behavior to an Object, it will fall every time you Create one.

If you are not wanting to use Physics, you just need to add a Permanent Force on the Y Axis after it is created. A force of around 50 is a slow, steady fall. Make sure this is only applied once and not every frame.(ie, create and add force once a timer reaches a value)

Just a couple of issues with your test.

  1. You added a force to an Object before it was created which is going to have unpredictable outcome.
  2. You have the Create Action in an Event with no Condition, so it will run as fast as it can.
  3. Is creating objects randomly from a group of objects. which will work if everything is set up correctly.
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Hi!! Thank you for answering

I’m making a game where there are falling objects (fishfood and waste) and the sprite (marine animal) needs to try collect the fishfood and avoid the waste as it falls. Collecting the food will add the score and the collecting waste will make the sprite take damage. If that makes sense

I have been playing around and trying to piece together what you explained but i am doing things terribly wrong as it is escalating into worse outcomes. Is there a way for a visual example as i’m not sure how to piece it together correctly. I’m really sorry for bothering and for my inexperience.

This example will create an Object (fallingObject) wherever you click on the screen,
and the Object falls off the bottom of the screen.

You’ll need to create the Object before you run the code, but it doesn’t need to be in the Scene, just in your list of Objects.

I suggest you go through some tutorials to learn how to randomly spawn objects, destroy them when they leave the screen, collisions, etc…

Good Luck


Thank you!! I appreciate it and I’ll definitely do that

This sounds like a version of the ‘geometry monster’ game for which there is a complete tutorial for new users - just in case you need suggestions to implement other mechanics aside from the falling sprites: Geometry Monster - GDevelop documentation