Falling through Jumpthru platform (with Ellipse behaviour)

Hello! so as the title says, I have a jumpthru platform with the ‘EllipseMovement’ behaviour (up and down). It mostly works but theres a few times when I just fall through the platform.

I have ‘can go down from jumpthru platforms’ and ‘can grab ledges’ (idk just in case) disabled but it still happens

thank you for reading :slight_smile:

So for jump through platforms if you push down you go through the platform and because you have up down movement when you go right you are pushing down so you go through the platform.

im a bit confused could you please explain a little more please :slight_smile:

Is you key to go left the down key?

I would verify that the player’s collision masks and points are in the same place with all of the animations. Otherwise, the platform character tends to teleport and fall thru the platform. The automatic masks has made this worse. You might see a bit of a jitter or shaking of the character when changing directions or states.

Also, make sure the platform isn’t moving really fast or the same can happen especially. I would double check its mask as well just in case it’s not right. Again, the auto mask feature is still a little buggy.

its A (left), D (right) and Space (jump)

the collision masks for both the player and the platform and custom. I did just try changing the speed of the ellipse (150) and i still fell through it D:

OK. Can you send a picture of the behaviors on the player and the platform
And the code



Player code:

Platform code:

OK I think I have an idea I would just need time to see if it works on my pc first