Fallout 1 inside Houses effect

I want to add an effect where there is a circle on the player that “erases” objects that would be blocking the player’s view.

I still don’t know if it’s possible, so I haven’t tried it.


Are you planning on using a tile map or regular objects? 2D,3D? Isometric or standard coordinates?

Possible? Probably. Efficient? IDK.

I don’t know if you could use the mask and/or marching squares extensions. I also don’t know how practical it would be. I would love to be wrong. It sounds like a neat effect.

I tried something more basic by comparing the Y() value of object the player is in collision with and decreasing the opacity for the entire object and then reseting the opacity when not in collision. Even that would have use resources.

If it was isometric then you would need to compare the isometric coordinates or maybe use a hit box below the players feet.

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2D, Regular objcts, and standard.

what i want is to erase just what is close to the player like the screenshots.
I already tried using the mask extention, but the way it works didn’t seem to be to my liking
Now I’ve never heard of the marching squares thing. i’ll see what i can do with it
thank you

I was thinking of the destructable environment. IDK. If that would work as expected. But it does allow adding and removing holes.


I want to test a couple of ideas. If I get anywhere I’ll let you know.