Fancier text effects

I would really appreciate having more bbcode font effects.

We already have the option to change the text size, color, shadow, outline. those are great. But it would be great if we could have more dynamic features like letter shaking or wave. Or being able to add an inline sprite.

Here are a few projects that have interesting text effects for reference:
Scribble for gamemaker studio 2
Rich Text Effects built into Godot Rich Text Effects in Godot 3.2 (


You can use the rotate or tween evens on them as talking about the wave i think you will have to create different texts for each letter and then tween them up down by turns. You can also use the shake extension.

For clarity, Godot’s implementation is basically them building out their own custom solution and just using it within a custom BBCode tag. Which is totally fine, but it isn’t actually BBCode syntax.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like any PixiJS library/plugin I can find gives this functionality, but some info here seems like it might be possible (if computationally heavier than other text items): Can i get PIXI.text text every letter position x,y? · Issue #7660 · pixijs/pixijs · GitHub

I think it’d be a great feature to have, although if I had a choice I’d want it be implemented as part of PixiJS v8’s method of Bitmap Fonts (which allows for RichText/BBCode-like mutli-styling during runtime/events/etc, and even auto-generates the bitmap fonts for you.)

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I did think about pixi.js and I had no real luck finding info on how something like this could be achieved.

I haven’t tried tweening but my thought would be the text you want to tween would have to be in its own object within the dialogue?

I know it’s probably out of the scope of Gdevelop’s current roadmap but it would be nice like Silver-Streak says to implement it via PixiJS 8 bitmap fonts or something, anything is better than nothing but it would be nice to have feature parity between bitmap and standard fonts.