Fanmade Multiple Anime Gacha game is possible to create?

Is it possible to create it and NOT publishing it (obviously), but only release updates throught apks?

Nobody ever forces you to publish your game anywhere :slight_smile: You can release it on whatever platform (or none) in which ever way your prefer.

Yeah i know this… But i cant publish cuz the anime images have copyright, so i have to do It thorugh apks

Ah, I understand :sweat_smile:
Well, legally, you are never allowed under any circumstances to use the art without the authorization of the artist.
In practice though, you can publish it on all platforms you would like without much consequences. If the author of the copyrighted content finds it and wants to enforce their copyright, unless you profited a lot from that work, they won’t sue, just ask you to take it down. I doubt it makes much of a difference whether you use a platform or not.

Alright, but tecnically speaking, if i use apks and NOT and official release, i cant take It Down. Also i dont want to profit from this game, cuz i know that this could create some problems…

Yes, if it has the same name and higher version number, it will update/replace the installed game.