Faster non declared variable creation

I would like a button in the object/scene/global variables editor to automatically create the non declared variables for me rather than asking me to do it manually?

Or you could atleast underline the variable names in the sentence that shows up and clicking on it could just automatically declare it.

It would save a bunch of time for me and probably to anyone else who did not care much to declare every single variable before this update.

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100% agree. Especially because the previous suggestion and autocomplete for used but undeclared variables has been removed.
And since the update the text size in the variable editor is too small and no longer fits everything else. With object panel it fits because they are also too small for a few versions. Can we add an preference setting for this or connect it to the eventsheet zoom? Not everyone has 32" + Windows Scale.
And all names have a red underline when you click on them.

Overall very difficult & annoying to read and type!

And in Variable fields I can find my variable testRotation with rot, but in values I have to type case sensitive testR and the recommendation window doesn’t disappear when you press return.
I think it wasn’t like that before, but because we don’t have portable GD versions it’s hard to compare.

I tried the new version but in some cases (like for values) it wasn’t suggesting the structure part of variables. I thought they were moving away from the variable setup screen because it was “remembering” variable names as you used them. I’m guessing the concern is variable names conflicting with or being mistaken for the built-in actions/conditions/expressions.

Other languages don’t use the Variable() functions but without it, it’s makes things a little less clear. As is, some new users without knowledge of other programming languages have problems grasping the concept of variables.

I’m a bit concerned about the addition operation. What happens if you use x + y? Does it treat it like text or numbers?

Edit: Maybe that’s another reason why you need to add the variable to the variable list.