[Feature in Backlog] Allowing to duplicate a Global object as Local


Not exaclty a feature, but a disturbing behaviour as Global is a definitive move and can’t be undone.

Let’s say i have a Text with some properties, set to Global.
I want to add an other Text having the same properties but a different content and i know i will use it only for this Scene. So i duplicate the first Text.

But as a result, my new Text will also be Global, and i can’t change it. So i have to create a Text from scratch to keep it Local.

I don’t know what could be the best behaviour (i know expert Luni will :sunglasses: )
Imo i would kill the Global tag and a duplicated object would always be local in the first place, but maybe asking to keep or not the Global tag can be better ?

Hello infokubarcade!
Thank you for your input.

You’ll be happy to know that this possibility has been listed for the rework for the Objects Panel! (under the Object Folders’ Scope [Feature in Backlog] Object Folders - #14 by ZeroX4) :tada:

We’re hoping to allow users to choose between duplicating the global object as global, or duplicate it as as a scene object. Technical tests still have to be made, but it is on the list. :slight_smile:

I’m adding the corresponding “Feature in backlog” for future readers.