[Feature in Backlog] Know Object type in Object Panel

Hey !
I create many extensions for myself, and i noticed something : we can’t know what type an object is after creating it.
So when i want to precise what kind of object I expect, i have to check the object interface and guess myself “animations => sprite”, “only one texture and size => tiled texture” etc.

Having the type icon on the side could be very handy.

Challenge : find what type are all of these :sunglasses:

An icon or something might be useful. Personally, I tend to put the object type in the objects name if there are similarly named objects. Like healthText.


Hello infokubarcade

We’ve recently discussed how y’all worked with Objects (objet panel) here: [Feature in Backlog] Object Folders - #18 by Ondaluce the issue has now being closed since the design has been finished.

You’d be pleased to know that a rework of the Object panel is on the backlog. What you’re suggesting (distinguishing objects by their type) has made it to the cut… but not as you expected it to be. You’ll be able to see that when it launches. :slight_smile:

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Nice ! Surprise me !