[Feature Request] Improvement in structures and variables

Would it be possible to improve the menu that contains structure variables?
Making them collapsible and extensible, just like current menus:

In this way:

or that way

This would help in organizing the structures. It would also be interesting to be able to move them, since, once a variable is created, this variable will always be at the end of the queue. However, this is only valid for variables that are not within a structure, as inside, the organization is in alphabetical order.


This possibility exists in Gdevelop 4 (collapsible and extensible structure variables). Sad not to have this in Gdevelop 5! :sob: It would really help!

From the little I’ve seen in the forum many people are missing virtual folders and other paths to organize objects, layers, layouts, external events, variables etc.

In general I agree with collapsing variables in the editor as an improvement to the current setup. The request does currently exist but I’m not sure it’s something being worked on as there is a general UX pass being done sometime over the next 12 months.

Just to clarify, please keep feature request threads focused on the request made by the op. There are open feature requests around these other functions already, no need to have them bleed into different threads. As stated, this is just a heads up, not an admonishment.

(Also, as info for anyone who finds this thread in the future, GD4 did not have custom folders for any of the mentioned items above, although you could collapse structures in the variable editor.)

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