[Feature Request] No Scaling, Show All, and Integer Scaling Window modes

Problem: The default window mode stretches pixel games non-uniformly when the user resizes the window. The only current fix is to reset window display in events.


Let users chose between fixed resolution (shows borders on all sides on all devices).
Or… Keep resolution but show everything (resolution is fixed but more of the scene is displayed)
Or… Integer scaling (Resolution is halved or blown up to even scales of 2x,3x,4x, etc. On devices of uneven scale, borders are shown anyways.)

This would help pixel games look the way they’re intended without having to grab the device’s resolution and do in-game checks.



I do want to clarify the request above is already how the scaling works today if you choose the “update resolution based on screen size” option is checked.

That said, I definitely agree with integer scaling being something that could be useful for users.