Feature Suggestions


I don’t know if this has been asked before but can there be a feature that changes the name of a scene in events that use scenes
E.g If you change a scene from Untitled Scene to MainMenu, it should change the name of the scene in events from the old one to the new one

Also, I think there should be an option to remove assets from the game’s source code folder just like the one that can remove unused assets from game exports

I don’t know if this is a bug, but if you create anobject group, rename it and make it global then go to a scene that has a normal object with the same name, it breaks all events that has to do with that object that has the same name as the global object group


MMM that’s curious, but… You just can change the name and don’t consume bytes in events, what is the utility of these events? Do you mean to implant in world’s creators like minecraft? Or lobby games like Roblox?

Además, creo que debería haber una opción para eliminar los activos de la carpeta del código fuente del juego, como la que puede eliminar los activos no utilizados de las exportaciones del juego. [/quote]

In resources, I recommend “The Gdevelop Superiors” can select with mouse a big number resources to edit, delete, or other… (but not just in resources, in events isn’t clear you select a events)