[Feature under Review] Actions for the "objects" panel

#1 Deleting Objects: When selecting object(s) from a objects panel, it would be much easier and faster to just press “Delete” button on the keyboard and be able to delete selected object. Especially when deleting quite a few objects at once.

#2 Selecting Objects: Ability to hold CTRL and select multiple objects at once, or to hold SHIFT and select first, and last object in the list. Useful when deleting a lot of objects at once (For example test assets when working on game mechanics).

#3 Duplicating Objects: When selecting an object, it would be nice to just use CTRL + C and CTRL + V to make a copy of that object.


Hello GasmoN,

I think Luni still receiving videos with suggestions about the objects panel. You can look for her comment in this post about it if want to participate: [Feature Under Review] Object Folders - #8 by ElementerTheDragon

Edit: Oh, looking better now I don’t know if is about panel objects in general or just about the organization. :thinking:

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Hey y’all!

Thanks for the heads up Rasterisko! :pray:
It has to do with object folders, but the research also applies to object panel (since object folders and objects will co-exist on the same panel).

You’ll be glad to know that these UI interactions (multi select, delete with keyboard press…) are already on the list of technical requirements for the object’s panel. :smiley:

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