[Feature under Review] Add Select all frames in animations

Please if this is possible add the option “Select all Frames” inside the animation otherwise we needd to check one by one the frames to delete


Hello Ulises!

That’s a good remark.
On your working flow, what do you do after you’ve selected every animation frame? Is it only for delete them, or you do anything else?

Hi @Luni yes is for deletion mostly, normally I change the animations a lot because always change somethin in the character so for instance if I made an animation of 60 frames is really tedious to select one by one.
I know the best way in that cases is just to delete the old animation and make another one with the same name but the collision mask and the points are lost, and because of that I think the “Select all frames” should be a good feature.

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Thank you for your reply!
It totally makes sense, I’ll add it to the list for “object collisions” as a requirement for the redesign on that screen.

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