[Feature under Review] Better way to add objects to Groups

By its nature Groups have a few or even many objects in them so I suggest that we make the process of adding items quicker, easier and simpler to improve workflow.

Option 1
Improve current system:
When you add an item the list would stay open instead of it closing and having to open it each time after choosing an object.

Option 2
An alternative to the current (improved :wink:) system:
Select multiple objects in scene editor → right click → select menu item ‘Add to group’
Then we would get the choice of creating a new group or add to an existing group.


I agree. Groups are underutilized. I’d love it if the group’s name field was also selected, so you can change the name as soon as the group is created. Just like when you create a new folder in Windows. It would also be nice to be able to change the group name on the popup that lets you add the objects.

This isn’t exclusive to groups but it would be nice if clicking the icons in the top tool strip a second time would hide the panels. The icons would work more as a toggle.

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Yep, absolutely. The current re/naming method is not optimal. Glad you mentioned it as I was unsure about whether to add it to my request or save it for a separate one.

Yep. I use the L shortcut to open the layers panel and every time I have to then click the little X to close it instead of pressing L again is a pain. I like your idea of the buttons themselves also acting as toggle switches.

As a heads up, Your Option 1 is current state. You can add infinite objects to the Object Group list without closing it. You don’t have to close it after each one. You only hit apply after you’re done adding objects to group (make sure you’re not hitting enter in the object name field or something).

Thanks for the feedback. I think I’m doing it the optimal way:

  • click on the empty field where it says ‘Choose an object to add to the group’
  • select the object
  • the list disappears and I once again click on the empty field to open the list and then scroll back down to where I was before (where the previously added object was)
  • when I’ve finished adding objects click Apply