[Feature under Review] Define the animation of instances in the editor through the names of the animations

Hello! :wave: :wink:

I don’t know if this is a small problem for other users, but I feel a little difficulty when i’m building my game by inserting instances of my objects and I need to insert new animations into some of them. If I rearrange the animations to get better organized all instances will have the animations changed, because the editor allows only to place the animations according to the order, but not with the name of the animation. My suggestion is to have the possibility to select the animation of the instances in the scene through their names and not just their order.


Hi Rasterisko!

Let me verify if I understand:

  • You need to add new animation frames to an animation state (let’s say “walk”)
  • You want all your instances to have these extra added frames (which you’d have to add and edit on the object)
  • Then, you’d like these animations to be ordered by their names according to your preferences (let’s say that you want them in the following order: Idle, walk, run, jump, climb, fall, hurt, dead) which can or cannot follow an alphabetical order
  • You want to be able to “call” the animation on your events by their “human” name (Jump) instead of their “machine” name (4).

Did I understand correctly ?

Hello, Luni!
I didn’t explain it very well, I’m sorry. It’s not related with frames, but with instances in scene and the order of animations of the object. I will try with an example.

In scene editor I can choose the animation of my instance by the number of animation using the properties. Here in the first print the two instances are the same object but I chose different animations (3 and 2).

But if I change the animations of that object (rearranging or deleting some of them) the instances that are already in scene editor can have their animations modified. In the example I changed the order putting the Climb Animation at first.

As a result the instances in the scene still have the same animation number in the properties, but with new animations now. :frowning_face:

My request is that in the properties of the instance that is in the scene, there is the possibility to choose the animation not only by the number, but if the developer prefers by the name of the animation. That way it would prevent this change (sometimes unwanted) from happening because with the name of the animation the order will not affect.

Thank you for your explanation and your examples.
Now I see exactly what you were saying and it has been noted!