[Feature under Review] Save project location warning

I see some users lost their projects because they did not know on update gdevelop will delete files from installation folder
And so when they save their projects in installation folder well sad story

So would it be possible to have warning when saving/creating project NOT to save in gdevelop installation folder because project files will get deleted

I would suggest it to be with big red letters so there is no excuse someone missed it
Even a pop up with button you need to click with text “I understand” or something like that

And if that would be possible
Could gdevelop check when loading project is it stored in installation folder of gdevelop and give same warning
If it’s not possible maybe then simple reminder when loading project not to save project in installation folder of gdevelop because files will get deleted on update

I think we should have at least some kind of warning and that are my best ideas
If someone have better one i am open to being corrected

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Hi ZeroX4,
Doesn’t it save to My Documents > GDevelop Projects by default when you create a new project?
Did that change?

That is still the default based off a test I just did on a PC that’s never had it installed on it before. Some folks are apparently browsing to the install directory to save their project. I am unclear on why, but I think a warning would still probably be valid.


That have nothing to do with the issue

Problem is when you give users a choice you should warn them what not to choose to avoid possible problems

Some ppl simply do not know about possibility of losing their files if they save in program installation directory
So when they do not want to litter their documents folder users which have little to no knowledge about where not to save their files as 1st best location will choose installation folder of said program
Just to keep stuff in one place
And i would also go with that approach if i would not learn before to just store projects in 1 folder then in sub folders sort them by program name
And that is the problem here
By default it could even save to C:\ and that would still solve nothing

That’s why for example you are warned in gdevelop that making object a global object cannot be reversed
It is one way process so you are sure you know what you are doing and not just doing it because you can

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