Find and Replace

Can we please have the option to Find and Replace within the Selected Group of events ?
Or the Selected events.
This would save me days of working.

I want to change the string “Hey” to “Hi” Only inside the selected group, I don’t want to replace every “Hey” in the events sheet


In theory, could you do this by saving the project to json and using find and replace in a text editor, and then reloading it?

Possible but hard if you dont know coding, i tried it using Visual Studio, and i just got lost between the codes, as there is so many groups and codes around.

But if this got into GDevelop directly, that would be so easy and time saving !

Find and replace in a text editor would still replace every instance of it, which is the point of this feature request.

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I think most modern text editors support a “replace in selection” feature where you can select a block of text and replace only within the block. Obviously having the feature built into the editor would be better, but if it saves days of work…

Technically these things above could work, you would just need to use it in a different way.
Select the code you want to replace the text in, preferably put it in one place. Then, open it somewhere else (like notepad or maybe another scene in the editor) and just search and replace it there. After that, just delete the old code and paste in the new one.
Should work for now but it will require more time to do the same thing

I know this is not what you are asking for but what you describe can be done manually with a little bit of effort

1 - select all groups events you want to modify
2 - hit ctrl+c
3 - create new scene
4 - add new event then select it and hit ctrl+v
5 - now use built in find and replace feature in gdevelop
6 - ctrl+c modified groups of events from new scene
7 - delete them from scene from which you took them in the 1st place
8 - ctrl+v modified events

Yes it is not perfect solution
And yes it will suck if you want to replace this way event groups that are scattered in your events sheet

But at least that is some option B

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Holly molly !
How I didn’t think of that before ! :heart_eyes:
Finally, I can finish my suffer from: Select condition → Ctrl+V → Repeat.
Thank you so much <33

Of course, if the devs can implement the idea I mentioned in the engine, that would be awesome !
But yea, that option B is amazing ! :heart:

At your service
In my country we have saying
Hardest to see are things in plain sight (or maybe more accurate translation would be “in front of you” but you get the idea)

Anyway now your feature request could be like select some events
Have in gdevelop a button to make temp scene for them
And now use find and replace on them in that temp scene
Then press the button again and now automatically changed events get updated in original scene while temp scene is deleted

I bet there is better solution to it but that is my 1st idea of how it could be implemented

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