Find Platform with the lowest X-Position

Hi does anyone know how to find the Xpos of the platform with the lowest position in every Level?

do you use moving platforms?
are they generated randomly?

well, if for some reason the xpos is not static, what you can do is use a for each loop
for each platform
→ if Platform.X() < variable(minXpos) Set Variable minXpos to Platform.X()

keep in mind, this will always return 0, if you dont start this with a higher Value of Variable(minXpos). you need to set it to the max x position a platform can have at the beginning of the scene.

but if you have a lot of platforms and thos platforms are moving, a for each loop every frame is pretty expensive.

Thank you, it worked.
I tried something like this, but now it works.
I needed this because i want to set the camera borders automaticly in every level.