Finish dialogue immediately

Im making an rpg and I want to make undertale-like dialog. when I press space while a text is auto typing i want it to immediately finish so i can press space again and move on to the next dialog. There doesnt seem to be any simple way to do this though, or am I wrong?

Check the “Dialogue tree simple demo” example in the main example list. There are some examples on making the text scroll faster using a timer and a variable. You could likely just set the variable to 0 to have it scroll through the entire text.

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yeah but the thing is I dont want it to scroll super fast i just want it to end but apparentely there’s no simple function for that… I guess I could just duplicate and hide it under the scrolling text so when I press space it will hide the scrolling text and show the finished text, but that seems way too complicated for something so simple

If you’re wanting it to just be instant instead of sped up, use “Complete clipped text scrolling” instead.

How did I not see that. Im actually retarded. sorry for wasting your time im new to this