Fire emblem style tile selector

Im currently trying to replicate fire emblem’s yile selection system where both you can see attack/heal and movement range, aswell as make sounds when you select/tap on the tile you want to move to.

This is what i currently have

And these two images are example of what i want to replicate. The red tiles are the attack range (as in, the total attack range. As in, if you have a 1 range attack and a 2 range one, you will have a total of 2 red tiles over your movement tiles because you can in total attack at 2 range). Same goes for healing tiles (green), but instead of being attack ranges, its just for supportive skills like healing or buffing. (Basically even if you cant target that tile, the attack or heal tile will appear because while you cant move there, your attack/heal range reaches there, even if there is an enemy)

Also while not the main question, i will take the chance to ask if its possible to make a cursor like the fire emblem games where you move over the map a cursor and if the cursor moves tiles, for every tile move a sound effect plays? If not i am more than ok with just a sound playing when you tap any tile