Fireball issues, leaves a trail

Does anyone know a fix for this issue?
When I shoot the bullet, it leaves a trail behind and it looks really bad, I just want it to show my “bullet” with its animations, and not to leave a trail (like a tail of the bullet)…

Please help, I can share the image so you can see what I mean…

Thank you and keep safe!

An image of the problem and of the events in GDevelop is recommended for every new issue. From the sounds of it, you might just need to set “Trigger Once” for each bullet discharge, because it might be recreating the bullet on every frame which would cause a “tail”. But I’m just guessing.


Thank you I fixed the issue. You are right, I fixed it with a simple trigger once and some tweaking, but thank you for the help, always appreciated! :slight_smile:

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can you tell me how to do that bc i want a Player trail

The statpost made a mistake by creating the same object over an over again.
That’s not worth replicating for a trail effect.
You can use the image of your trail object in a particle emitter and create it, when your object is moving. Then change the emission angle to the opposite of the movement direction and you got your trail.

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