Firebase. Additional event data analysis

Event log action has “Additional data” parameter. How to see and manage that data in the Analytics?

That should appear somewhere in your analytics console I guess :person_shrugging: I remember seeing that additional data in the analytics realtime debug view, so it’s definitely sent somewhere there.

Yup, I also saw ‘eventData’ in the DebugView, but there’s no data in other places…
This says it have to be added in ‘Custom metrics’, but I have no idea how:

…seems events data doesn’t relate to it’s event so those parameters must be unique. I’ll try the thought…
Speaking about parameters, don’t they have to be in this formatting?
*from prev. mentioned page
So I have to write like this?

*I had haven’t any ‘eventData’ before set the Additional data parameter in this way.

I realized what’s going on.
There are two options to add custom data on Analytics – Custom metrics (for nums) and Custom dimensions (non-num values).
As you see on a screenshot in my previous message, there is ‘Event parameter’ option to choose parameter’s name. Those parameters are not related to event that sets it, so parameters’ names must be unique:

By doing some code exploring I found that current extension implementation just sends ‘eventData’ parameter with a value which cannot be separated and analyzed in Analytics. You actually can use it but with only one parameter (eventData) in project.
So ‘Log event’ have to has 3 fields: event name, parameter name, parameter value.

Actually, if you look at the code you posted, eventData is only used if the text you passed in is not correct JSON. Otherwise, you can use JSON to use the parameters names you want

Oh. Then this have to be mentioned in the editor:

I am not familiar with JSON and don’t know how to set parameters’ name:value.
Should I do like this?

Could you please add some info in the wiki?

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Looks about right, you can also use the ToJSON expression to get a structure variable as JSON.

This is a wiki, everyone has access to it, you are welcome to edit it if you feel like something should be changed.

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