Firebase authentication crashes game

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How do I…

I’m trying to make a user register their account then receive an email verification

What is the expected result

User inputs details in registration, their account gets created and they receive an email with the verify code.

What is the actual result

User inputs details in registration, the whole game freezes and nothing happens

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Did you try disabling the last block (with the hh condition) to check if that was freezing your game?
Do you have anything visually indicating that the game freezes?
Does the debugger still work? Have you tried the ctrl-shift-i console tool? Does it say anything?
Have you tried the callback variable for the Firebase action? What does it say?

Hello, thanks for replying.

Yes I did try to disable the hh block but it doesn’t seem to fix it.
Yes I do have something indicating the game freeze. I have an object with a test animation that rotates.
The debugger works. Here are the errors that show up when the game freezes

Did you follow the Firebase tutorials?
It looks like you forgot the initial configuration.

I used the official gdevelop wiki

It looks like you missed something, so check it again, carefully.
Also, you can compare your setup with the Firebase example projects, and look at the first steps of this tutorial: