Firebase Authentication Error Messages Problem

Has anyone encountered an issue where it is possible to create new accounts and log in to Firebase using the same email and password, but an authentication error message does not appear when entering an incorrect format, such as an invalid email or password (e.g., “” and “12345”)? I am not sure whether adding rules to the database is necessary and whether there is a better way to validate email and password. As a new Gdevelop user, I would appreciate any guidance on this matter.

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Check out the “input validation” extension, it might prove helpful.

Hello Gruk,

Please forgive me if I am mistaken, but regarding the topic of email, I understand that input validation only confirms if the email is in a valid format. However, in my particular case, or perhaps for someone else, I would like to check if an email already exists in Firebase’s “user” collection. This way, if the email is already registered, I can display an error message on the screen to inform the player that the email is already in use. Could you please advise me on how to do that?

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Even though this is not in English I managed to follow it and do what I think you are trying to do. It’s in 2 parts.


LOL me too, I already watched the tutorial, and thanks to him I already got what I wanted :crazy_face: