Firebase features on

Hi there,
I uploaded a game on itch.
The Firebase firestore events work fine, but the “trigger event” and the “set user property” events don’t seem to work. I can’t see any data on the Firebase console, except on the firestore page.
Is that to be expected?
I get a CORS error in the console.

If you have a browser extension like an adblock, privacy badger, etc, it might be blocking requests to common analytics services, like firebase’s.
Otherwise, it can only be an issue either on firebase’s or itch’s side, which cannot be resolved by GDevelop :confused:

I have some of these, I even have a pi-hole.
I didn’t think it would cause issues once the game was hosted on itch.
In preview, it gives another error, it cannot resolve the address, due to the pi-hole, I presume.
Either way, I’ll look further into it, thanks.

So, I disabled the pi-hole and tried in Chrome and Edge where I have no ad blockers, and also in preview.
I’m not getting relevant errors anymore, but still nothing shows in the Firebase dashboard.

Here are the related events:

With this at the top of the page:

The variable structure seems fine:

The message is logged in the preview console.

In Chrome/itch, I get a bunch of 403 errors for each file of the project, it doesn’t seem related.

Any idea how to investigate further?

Firebase analytics data takes a good while to be processed and displayed. To test if it is working, you need to use debug view.
To do so, install the Analytics Debug browser extension, then open the DebugView on the analytics dashboard.

See: Analytics [GDevelop wiki]

So, the debugview doesn’t register anything with itch or liluo, be it on Firefox or Chrome.
Both debugview and standard Analytics work with the network preview, but not on (my) Firefox, Chrome only.

Here’s what I see in the Chrome console when things don’t work:

And in the Firefox console:

Do you make anything of it?

Hmm… As far as I can see, it should be working on firefox… I can’t tell why it wouldn’t be showing up on the dashboard… But chrome does seem to indeed have failed because cookies were blocked. Maybe you have some privacy settings that disallow cross-site cookies to be set?