Firebase Realtime Database Listeners [Solved]

GDevelop already has a good set of Firebase features, but one that would be nice are listeners for Firestore and Realtime Database. These allow for less checking/reloading of data, keeping the monthly reads/data transferred to a minimum, making the monthly charge (for larger games) less. Listeners are mentioned here on the Firebase Realtime Database docs here.


Have you considered using a firestore query instead?

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I haven’t looked too far into those. What are Firestore queries, and how could I use them for my use case?

Looked into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Edit for anyone who needs help: Firestore Queries have an option to continuously monitor the query, so you can use that. For users using realtime database, there isn’t an option, but I suggest you move to Firestore. It’s faster and has other benefits.