Firebase User Data saving

Hello, I’m in need of help:
I’ve done a Save and Load system where each “Block” is saved in storage individually, similiarly to this (because the number of Blocks is undefined) and it works perfectly. Now I’m trying to create that same system, but not for storage, for the Firebase Realtime database, so a user has each Block saved in the cloud and can then paste it when he logs in. But I’m not sure if all this effort is in vain and if it’s even possible with Firebase. So I wanted to know if someone could tell me if this is possible, and if not, what’s the closest thing I can do to reach my goal of saving these blocks?
That’s all, thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
I’ve never done that, but I do think it’s possible.
I would recommend that you get a single line working before adding others. :wink:
Also, the “callback variables” are here to help you.

Alright, thanks for the reply.