Firestore - can i create a database?


does anyone of you have experience with the Firebase->Firestore feature?

I would like to use the Firestore to create a database to use it in “realtime” for a rather slow round based board game. It’s purpose would be to create a new data set each time a game session will be created (lobby like system).

But i can’t find anything about creating a database in the wiki

Do you have any idea if it can work?



It works, but you need to monetize your game in order for it to be plausible.

There is a limit to the number of free daily write/read/deleite actions at firestore, and that limit is very easy to reach.

Thanks for the hints Digi.

I figured out that because of the very limited read/write/delete actions in Firestore it makes more sense to go with Realtime Database. I don’t need microsecond read/writes to the database so it is OK. The download amount is limited to 10GB without payment, so for the beginning it will do the job. Later it’s 1$/GB which is the point where it would be necessary to monetize.

The no-cost variant has only one database, so it’s not possible to exactly create one. If you switch to the blaze plan, you can have more databases. However, in GDevelop i still don’t see the option to create one and i think it’s OK.

In case some of you are wondering how to make new fields in the database, you could go like this:

This would add all the structures (including the root “Players”) if not already present in the database. VariableStrings can be easily used in the path string.

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