First Game: Become More (Beta)

A free indie platformer game made in GD. A link to the website where I post general information, news about updated releases, and help topics is included on the main menu screen.


looks nice!. Original idea. Only played once but looks good.


Thank you for having a look :smiley:

The game has been updated a few times since my OP. Please remember to clear your browser cache if you haven’t visited in a while, or may see an old version - it should be 1.20 now. Details are in the update category of the website blog. I’ve been putting a lot of help topics there, so if there is something not covered within the game, it will probably be on the blog and I’ll eventually add the most necessary bits. :slight_smile:



Awesome job @Phenomena :astonished::+1:

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Thank you! :smiley: :purple_heart:

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It’s a “lovely” game :slight_smile:


Version 1.21 is up. If you haven’t been reading the blog, there is now an economy system where you can buy and sell weapon restocks and a new category of power items, new level music and sound effects, an attempt at including different types of water, plus some other stuff.

Of course, there are some issues to iron out. I’ve listed them in the blog update post. I have done a lot of testing over the past couple of weeks, so could use fresh eyes on it - maybe you’ll spot something that I missed.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think. :grin:


Am I the only one who would like to see that star running on its points? :grin:
I noticed some hiccup when upping a level, can’t say what, it didn’t last long enough… but a great job on the whole :clap:

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Not at all, I’m so with you on that and working on something :wink:

Was said hiccup on the GUI?

I’ve only seen it happen when switching to the shop. It’s like the layout briefly jumps over to the right so that where it says health points and current level ends up overlapping the inventory section, but it happens so fast it just looks like static or something. I’ve tried a few things to get rid of it (checked Z order, external layout, the tweens, etc), but still have no idea why it’s doing that.

Thank you :smiley:

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Version 2.0 is published and the website link has been updated as well. I recommend reading the latest release notes and guide articles whether you’ve played before or not. Let me know what you think of all the changes :slight_smile:

So you don’t have to scroll back up for the game link … :wink:

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:clap: :clap:
There are so many features, it could be worth making a tutorial level, or showing info bubbles the first time a feature is seen, to make it more user-friendly for new players. Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep it up!


Thank you :slight_smile:

I had a similar thought, there are just so many objects already and new level tiers coming. I’ve been weighing whether it’s best to add text objects (or instances with variables to change the text) or create a video walk-through to include under Help. If it’s to be a video, I want to make sure there won’t be too many major changes going forward. :thinking:

@Gruk Can you tell me…

How far did you get? Were you able to finish all levels, or did you get stuck somewhere?

Bump, because I’m not sure if these questions were overlooked since I edited them in…

Looks awesome, only played once but looks awesome. Cheers!

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I got stuck at the end of the last level :grin:
I saw again some ghost stuff at the end of some levels :thinking:

Ohh, yeah the last level…it’s designed to be a doozy :smile:

By ghost stuff, do you mean the new Haunted Hearts or blips on the GUI?

Thank you @ferby00 :slight_smile:

I mean that when I grabbed the last heart to get to the next level, some scene loaded (level reset? next level? not sure, it’s fast) before the next level appeared.

Ah okay, I know what’s happening there and have an idea of how to fix it in the next release.

I may even do (another) patch upload before then :slight_smile:

You’re still in the scene outro, on the same scene.

When you level up, you are moved to a “safe” position because if you take any damage after attaining the goal health (i.e., from falling to the ground after jumping into a goal portal that has nothing solid below it), the game will get ‘confused’. You met the health requirement, but suddenly you have less than that amount, so it doesn’t know what to do with you then and the outro will just keep looping. That’s even worse.

One way of solving that was to change the position, putting you back on a platform - that way you can’t get hurt. In all honesty, I didn’t think it was a major issue at the time - in comparison to the looping ad nauseum or until death - because the beginning of the next scene is so obvious. If you don’t see the countdown yet, it’s not the next level. The current level is also on the GUI.

But, I can see how it may be disconcerting, so I’ll try my idea.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Never mind

Would anyone be willing to help me test a coming update to this game?

There have been a lot of changes that I didn’t ‘officially’ announce anywhere yet, but I’m specifically looking for some people to run through a test version a few times before the actual release and let me know if they have any problems with weapon shooting or anything else.

Ideally, volunteers should be willing and able to play on a Desk/Laptop as I don’t have a mobile version at this time. Please reply if interested and I’ll PM the link to my test site. Thank you :slight_smile: