Seamlessly looping audio

My question is for those that have knowledge of creating their own looping sound files.

As some have noted, there is a moment of silence before the loop continues. It was pointed out that this is a limitation of Chrome, not GD, but there are audio files out there that do seem to loop fine despite this so I’m wondering how they achieve the seamlessness.

Is there a setting in the music software that should be used or perhaps within Chrome itself?

I use FL Studio for some of my sound effects and have a few loops I’d like to put in too. When rendering the file, I choose .wav format and “cut” or “wrap” remainder to loop. You can also choose to “leave” the remainder for sustained notes. But maybe I’m missing something else… :thinking:

I’d be most appreciative of any tips :slight_smile: and sorry if this is in the wrong place.


I’m using sounds from Sharing my Music and Sound Effects - Over 1500 Tracks
All my sounds loop seamlessly, BUT I had to edit all of them with Audacity to crop the ends and get a clean loop. Audacity allows to zoom in… a lot! I told the music maker @Eric_Matyas about it, but to him, his loops are fine. :man_shrugging:
So, my tip is get Audacity, open your file, and check/fix the loops inside Audacity.


Apparently, from what I’ve read, the gap at the looping point is an issue that sometimes happens due to MP3 encoding, and it also depends on what software you’re using to play back the loops…(some types of software deal with it so the gap isn’t heard…others don’t.) I’m presently in the process of creating higher quality Ogg files of all my tracks. One of the advantages of Ogg files is supposed to be that no gap is created when they are initially encoded…(plus they sound amazing…almost as good as WAV files)…so if you don’t want to be bothered editing, you might give them a try. They’ll be available for a small fee to help support the site. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for the tips!

I might give Audacity a try, at least for editing. FL Studio is good for creating and editing music. We have a paid license for it, but there are a ton of features that I’m still learning to use.

Does GD support Ogg now? I thought it didn’t, but maybe I’m behind on updates/news…that’s the main reason I haven’t tried to render my files with that format and used Wav for loops instead. Otherwise, FL Studio is capable of rendering Ogg as well.

There’s one or two tracks that I use from your site, Eric; you’re in my game credits for it. :slight_smile:
I haven’t noticed any issues with your files on my end. I do appreciate your hard work, but I’d really like to use my own creations for additional scenes. I’d be happy to donate in the future though.

Awesome…glad some of my work is helpful. And yeah, lots of people use my MP3 files with no problems. I just hate to hear of anyone having issues so I thought Ogg files might solve the problem…plus it’s a cool way to show support for the site. Thanks for pledging to donate…donations really help me a lot. And feel free to send me a link to your game if you wish…I love to see how creative people are using my work! :slight_smile:

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The thread with the link is here :slight_smile:

I think your Happy Puzzler track is used on the first level.

Yep, you’re right. Glad it came in handy. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the, tip ! I’m using, cubase to create my music, and exporting the files in ogg, format, solved the matter !

Yep, Ogg files don’t have the problem. :slight_smile:

However I tested my game on IOS and it seems OGG files are not supported :(.

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