First person 3D camera movement

**How do I creating camera movements in first person games for mobile devices???

What is the expected result

first person camera movement based on the direction of the right finger touch

What is the actual result

actually I have succeeded in making mobile camera movement using the “mouse pointer lock” extension, but I have problems when the player moves the right finger to change the direction of the character’s point of view and pressing the joystick at the same time, the character’s rotation follows these two inputs which makes the rotation direction chaotic, is there a solution for this, please

Related screenshots

the problem is that when I slide my right finger and press the joystick button at the same time, the player’s rotation becomes messy and very slippery, the rotation follows the direction of the joystick and right finger slide.Is there a way to make the player rotation only depend on input from the right finger and not input from the joystick, please give me a solution🥲