First Person Camera WithThreeJS and MousePointerLock

Hello people. Good afternoon.
Well, i am having a problem with the FPS camera from this video:

But after the WithThreeJS 0.9.2 update, some options/actions has changed:

I can’t seem to make this camera works, does anyone can help? Thanks in advance.

I’m can’t see from the video what the issue is. Can you describe it in more detail?

Also, why don’t you use the FPS camera extension instead?

Hello MrMen. Thanks for the response.

Well… the issue is shown in the screenshot. The actions have changed from what originally was in the video. Make the comparison.

About the FPS Camera, it’s not working anymore. No object is shown when you call the action:

IIRC, you need to provide a 3D Box object as the object. If you haven’t created a 3D box object, then the list will be empty.

Yep. I know that. This is not the problem.

I’ve reread the first post, and I think I understand what you were writing now. So is that a the video of when the game was working? And now it’s not because of the With three JS error?

In that case, the With three JS is an extension that Pandako wrote. You’ll have to get in touch with them to work out what’s changed.