First timer, lag problem

I have built a game based off of the downhill bike demo that comes with Gdevelop5 as an example game. The main modifications I made:

  • 5 tracks to choose from
  • A scoring scheme tells you your score based on your time to the finish line

I am having a lag problem. Sometimes the game is laggy to the point that it’s unplayable, other times it’s just annoying but still somewhat playable, and other times it runs totally smooth. This has been the case across 4 or 5 different computers, ranging from i5 4gb ram to i7 16gb ram.

My programming experience consists of a python elective I took during my undergrad and a few years as a founder in various tech startups where I have become somewhat familiar with programming logic at a high level. I have read other posts in the forum about removing ‘perfect collision’ conditions and I am going to give that a try, but I thought I would throw a link to my build out here to see if the community has any advice for me.

Any feedback is very appreciated! I intend to use the game as part of a prototype for a new product. My programmer co-founder is swamped getting our app put together solo, so I am trying to take this off his plate :slight_smile:

Very laggy indeed.
Check out this page: How to debug poor game performance [GDevelop wiki]
Good luck!

The issue is only on the bicycle and ragdoll. Timer is smooth, and all other object move smooth too.
This happend to me too with this game and the example, this work how on older versions of GD ? b89 atleast.
Also there is another physic in test here, maybe this can be helpful. @arthuro555

Thank you both for your helpful responses!