Fix a Scrolling Problem?

I am making an auto scrolling game. It plays in TATE mode and I am currently using this to get the sprite background to scroll:

The background scrolls but I want it to stop when it reaches the end of the sprite. What do I do?

Why are you adjusting the x position but checking Background.Height()? You should check Background.Width().

Also, add a condition on that last event to check that X position is less than Background.Width().

The image is tilted 90 degrees. Checking background width causes it to stop half way :frowning:.

Why? Wouldn’t it be easier to rotate the file image?

This yielded the same result unfortunately.

You should also swap the second and third events over. Move the background by the adding the positional change first, and then reset it if it’s passed the onscreen image width

This has been fixed with a timer. Thank you for your help.

Could you share your solution so others can use it if they get the same issue?

One thing I don’t understand - where does the timer get set?