Fix a timer? It’s not working for some reason

It’s probably some silly little mistake, but I’m new so any help is appreciated

It’s hard to tell because the conditions of the first event are omitted from the screen shot.

However, the countDown timer is reset before it’s set as the text for Timer text object and so will always show 0.

You’ll need to move the action that sets the text of the Timer text object in a separate event, unconditional event.

yeahhh this is the full code

A few things to note:

  1. You don’t need to repeat the beginning of scene in a sub event. If it was true for the parent, it’ll be true for the sub events.

  2. You are changing the text of Timer only at the start of the scene. It will only happen once. You’ll need to move that action to another event that has no conditions and is not a sub event of the first event.

  3. Use the Windows snipping tool instead of taking a photo of your screen.

The 3rd event under Player Movement is incorrect:


It’s not a case of lining up a condition with an action. Each condition must be true before all the actions in the event are processed.

What the conditions of that event are checking is that the player is on the floor AND the player is jumping AND the player is falling, which can’t happen.

Once all the conditions are satisfied, then all the actions are run, not just one or a subset of them.

Each of those conditions and matching action should be on a separate event.

In the last event, why repeatedly centre the camera on the background (the event is run every game frame)? It’s a static object. Do it in the event with the “Beginning of scene” condition.

Centre camera is usually used on a player object that moves. It’s not really useful to be used on a static image.

Preciate it. I figured it out; I put the ToString thingy on a wrong event