Fix bullet help

Hello guys the question is as simple as I can
To lay the bullet direction?

I’ll tell you better when I shoot the first shot it stays and I instead want it to go directly to hit.

Since I’m not practical to explain in English I attach a video: …

Thanks for any answers.

I see there is one bullet stopped for some time, also the bullets direction is… special… :smiley:

Ok, if the problem is the stopped bullet, let me see some code (a screenshot from the events), because I have no idea how a simple mistake can generate this behavior :confused:

We hope to solve :smiley:

Yay! I found it, a simple mistake, easy to do, don’t worry :smiley: . Check the event 6:
*First you add a force to the bullets
*Then you create the bullet
That is the problem, you should create the bullet first, and then add the force to move it. The stopped bullet you are seeing is not the first bullet but the last one: Each time you release the Spacebar, the previous stoped bullet is moved, and then a new bullet is created, leaving it stopped :neutral_face:

Also, why 3500º for the force direction? 3600º = 260º, which is up (270º) + 10º counterclockwise, that is why the bullets direction has an offset. Of course it’s your game and you can do whatever you want, I was just curious, ignore me :laughing:

Because I’m sorry I can fix the errors alone but without your help I could not solve it.

I managed to fix it anyway now the code works (partly)

Just approaching the ship on the right does not shoot :cry:

However at best i put everything on the left where everything works correctly.