[FIX] How to make an effect (sprite) following a point on your player

Currently making a Metroid-like game, i’m trying to make a charge shot. I’ve done it (with some difficulties but i won hehe)
But here is another mistake :

When chargin the ArmCannon, there is a glow at its end to show that the beam is charging,
So its working well, but when the player moves, the charge effect dont stand on the arm cannon and stay where it has been created, how can I fix that easily ?

I’ve tried many way with Position etc… but it doesnt seem to work.


I think the problem is you’re creating the object but never updating it’s position, you have to always change the position of the charge shot to Player.PointX(“canon”) Player.PointY(“canon”)

thx for the answer, but with what can i do that ?

with this action
you can constantly change the position of the charge shot so it stays where you want
just be sure not to accidentally put it under “f key is pressed”, otherwise it will go where you want only when you’re pressing f

Thx so much ! work well !

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