[Fixed 5.2.174] The video won't work (on the browser editor)

I am using a video for an *intro, but the video just becomes pink, and nothing plays. What do I do?

*Check out the game here!

Edit: I have noticed that a lot of other users are experiencing this same problem after the latest update (v5.2.173, new threads for that below)… PLEASE HELP GDevelop!


Does it work in a game preview in client version on GD?

No, it does not work in the preview nor the game platform.

What about the built-in video example?
For me it works on the desktop but is pink in web.
So ya it is probably a GD bug and not just a problematic source file.

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I’m having the same issue. Has this been fixed? Could you solve it?

I do not think it’s actually been fixed. Are you using the web editor, or are you using the computer app? The browser editor is very glitchy, and videos don’t really work on it. I do not recommend using videos for something (especially on the browser editor).
Also, welcome to the forum!

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Oh yes, I’m using the browser editor, that’s a shame, I’m gonna try on the computer app, otherwise I’ll have to look for an alternative for the video. Thank you!

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I’m having also this issue. The videos are unable to show and there is just a pink dot. In the console, the error says: [PIXI Image manager] Unable to find video texture for resource . And I already check the resources and they seem to be ok


Videos sadly do not work on browser, @ranbv

I have the same issue with desktop versions of GDevelop for mac and windows.

All my projects with videos work correctly on v 5.2.172. But have the same “pink video” issue on v5.2.173
I suspect that something has been broken.

Edit : I have tried my projects on an even older version (V 5.1.151), and the videos work with no problem. There definitely is an issue with v5.2.173 and videos.

Edit2 : Ok, reading the release, it might be a different issue from original post, since v 5.2.173 dates from yesterday… I am making a new thread

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As mentioned in other topics, the problem is now identified and fixed.
A new version will be released in the next few days.
Thank you all for noticing and reporting it!

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