Videos stopped working on v5.2.173

My projects with a video used to work on v 5.2.172, but now (v 5.2.173), the videos only a show pink rectangle.
I have tried on PC an Mac, with the same result.

I can’t have video working either on new projects.


I have the same issue, I change to 5.2.172 and the video work fine!

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Yes, unfortunately there are several bugs with the new GDevelop, and lots of people are experiencing problems with videos. I myself had some problems with the video (but that was because videos don’t work on the browser editor). They will probably fix this bug soon. In the meantime, what are you using the video for? I may be able to help you in some way.

Hey there, this issue has been reproduced and fixed.
It will be back to normal in 5.2.174 released in the next few days!
(see Video playback is broken in GDevelop 5.2.173 · Issue #5711 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub)