[Fixed] Create red and blue blocks that change state when jumping, like in Super Mario Maker

how do I make it so that when I jump some blocks appear and others disappear and when I jump again the ones that disappeared appear and the ones that appeared disappear, like the red and blue blocks from super Mario maker for Nintendo switch.

it should happen that some appear and others appear but in practice they do nothing.

IF you are using (and most likely you are) platformer behavior for player
You have access to condition player is on the floor
I would go with that + player is NOT in collision with red or blue block + boolean variable that switches whenever player is NOT on the floor adding trigger once to it
Now when you jump it from actual floor (not from red or blue block) it would change its state
If you would create event
Condition Player is not on the floor (you need to inverse that condition to get NOT)
In action you set toggle boolean variable

Now boolean variable have either false or true state
So you enable platform object on red block if it is false while changing it opacity to 255
And disable platform object behavior on blue block and set it opacity to 0 if you want it to disappear or idk 50 if you still wanna see it like in ghost state

Now you do vice-versa for True state of that boolean for blue block

IF you wanna for it to work on any jump and not just ones from regular platform
Then you do not add player is NOT in collision with blue or red block
You only make player is on the floor inverted condition and toggle boolean variable

And you are set

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Toggle States With A Variable - Intermediate Tutorial - GDevelop - YouTube Probably not a full answer but this video might get you started. Timestamped for when the tutorial talks about changing the appearance of blocks.

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