[FIXED]Drag and Drop movement similar to chess

I’m making a game for class, and I’m going for mechanics similar to that of chess. I want the pieces to drop in a spot (like chess) that’s highlighted. I also want there to be highlights around the piece indicating what type of movement it allows.

I’m having a hard time having the highlight figuring out how to make the highlight of possible movement stay on the tiles. I’m new to GDevelop so I just made it stick on the piece and follow it around. Sometimes moving the object triggers the other pieces, and creating more highlights.

I’m also having a hard time getting the dragging and dropping mechanic for the piece. I only added that mechanic to the bow, and it just sticks to one spot. I used an array for the T-Marker (red square) thinking it would help the system determine which spot the player placed their piece. That way I wouldn’t have to type each and every spot for all of the pieces.

The second picture is just to show that it doesn’t get stuck when dragging.

And whenever I drop it, it just drops there.

That’s what the T-marker looks in preview.

Add the drag and drop extension to it

I did, but I don’t know how to make it so i goes to only certain positions. Right now it keeps going to only one corner.

Try rectangular grid extension

You would snap it when you drop piece

Omg Thanks, because I was searching on how to use the grid I found a like from the Gdevelop wiki: GDevelop 5 - Snap To Grid and it gives an example on how to make it snap in place while still being draggable!