[FIXED] ERROR: File Ended error when I export

Whenever I try exporting my game, I get this error: Error: FILE_ENDED

Why does this happen?

I’m aware of the atrocious coding in this, it’s an old project that I continued on, and to prevent coding inconsistencies, I continued making atrocious code, and redoing all I already had with better code gave me too much dread.

If you know that your project contains errors, why are you surprised that compiling it returns an error? :thinking:
Fix the errors and try again.

It doesn’t have errors to my knowledge.

What I meant by “atrocious” is a lack of sub-events, poor organization, and poor optimization.

And also: it seems like I’ve been having the same problem as this guy every subsequent time I try to export: GD Crashes on export

What same problem? This old topic was about a timeout error and a crash of GDevelop, but you don’t mention any of these in your original message.

That happened to me after my post, which is why it isn’t mentioned.

I am sorry if I come of as rude, angry, or look like I am purposefully giving any feeling of negativity. That wasn’t my intention.

No worries, it’s just that you’re not giving details, so we can’t help.
If you’re getting crashes, share screenshots and more details: when it happens, and how we can try to reproduce the issue on our side.
Also, try with an example project to confirm if the issue is related to your own project.

I am pretty sure the exporting error is specific to my project, but I can confirm the crashing is not specific to my project, since I tried exporting another game I made (with much better coding than the project this post is referring to) and GDevelop crashed.

I have also looked more closely to the post I linked to, and it seems like a bad internet may have contributed to the crash. Where I live, good internet is really expensive and I feel like that may have something to do with GDevelop crashing every time I export.

Edit: These two problems are most likely unrelated and I didn’t make this clear enough. I added this text here to prevent confusion. This was added before anyone responded (if anyone responded at all).

What export option are you using?
Also check which version you’re running in Help/About.

Poor Internet should cause timeout errors, not crashes, as explained in the linked topic.
But unless someone gives us steps to reproduce the issue on our side, we cannot fix it.
I tried turning off my Internet during an export, it just froze the progress bar, I was able to escape the export menu and keep using GDevelop.

I have used both windows .exe and windows .zip. Both have the same crashing problem, but only the .exe version had the File Ended error.

I have found a work-around to the crashing.

I manually exported my game and used Node.js, Yarn, and Electron, and that seemed to work.

It also seemed like the original File Ended problem has been fixed.