[Fixed] Please return the Text Entry

I really need to get the good old Text Entry back. Is there a way to get it back or to make the new Text input work as the old one did? I am depending heavily on it in my projects, to get key strokes from an virtual keyboard on an Arduino. I don’t know how to code in JavaScript so I can’t create my own extension.

Thanks in advance


Place a Text input in the scene, once in play click on it to focus and the keyboard will appear.

Thanks for your advice. The problem is that nobody will be able to click on the scene. There is no keyboard, mouse or touch. Only input from the Arduino.



So in that case I see two possibilities:

  • You may use the Javascript Events to capture the inputs.
    Here is how was implemented the text entry object.

  • Or I think there is a way to copy the object from another project, then paste it in the object list of our new project.

This old object could be made again with a custom object from a community extension.

But at some point, this object will be dropped. Because it was difficult to trigger a keyboard, especially on mobile devices, that’s why text input exists now, it uses the native keyboard on devices without hacks/workarounds to work.

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Hi Bouh,
I don’t know anything at all about JavaScript but I have tried a few times in GDevelop with minor success. Anyways, @steliosm has solved the problem by making an extension that works perfectly. It can be downloaded here: https://forum.gdevelop.io/t/re-please-return-the-text-entry/46520/5



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For your information an action to focus the text input object has been added for the next version.
So you will be able to use this action to open the native keyboard of the device and type directly.