[fixed] 'Preview from start' button

My game currently has 3 scenes:

  • Title/menu
  • Character selection
  • Game

On the title/menu scene, players choose whether they want a 1 or 2 player game.

On the character selection scene, players each choose a character to use (including the computer choosing a random character for itself in a 1 player game).

Finally, the game scene is where the actual game takes place, using information from the first two scenes.

I’ve completed the first two scenes, and so I’m working now on the game scene. So when I open GD, all I open is the game scene.

However, when I want to test/preview the game so far, I need to open the title scene first, otherwise the preview starts from the game scene and doesn’t work properly since the first two scenes are skipped.

I’d therefore like to propose that an additional preview button be added to GD which previews the game from the first scene instead of the current one. Also, it’d be very helpful if this button was available/visible all the time rather than just on scene tabs.

You can make a redirection to your first scene.
In you first scene you initalize a global variable “Start_scene” keep it empty
In all others scenes if this global varible is empty then change scene

Thanks for the tip. Though I still think a Preview button that automatically runs the game from the start would be helpful…

Yeah I think GD should have a preview current scene and preview game button. Current scene run the currently edited scene and game would run the first scene regardless which one is edited currently.

Sounds good, the good thing for me would be a ‘Preview from start’ button is possible in External events. So I do not have to change every time the card for preview, test 3 sec., change back, edit a value, change back, …
We don’t have a shortcut for Launch Preview?

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I think we can close this as ‘fixed’:


However this ability isn’t saved and needs to be reset when opening the game again: Save mark on scene "Start all previews from scene"